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ONLINE CLASSES IN AND AROUND HYDERABAD AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND EVEN AROUND THE WORLD BY BEST ENGLISH ACADEMY .COM IS NOW EASY AND ACCESSIBLE +91 9989669261 LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY AND CONFIDENTLY OUR COURSES ARE INNOVATIVE, MODERN AND USE STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY Many people who have mastered the reading and writing skills in the English language typically, but have failed or find it difficult to speak fluently in English while interacting with others. As we know, without practice acquiring speaking abilities is difficult to master spoken English, we have taken a step ahead to make the learning more convenient for our learners by introducing online classes. Our online courses will empower learners and professionals with effective English speaking skills. Our online English speaking courses come with online LIVE “Instructor Support” for speaking practice and to gauge as well as monitor the learner’s spoken accuracy. We will help our learners to use grammatically correct sentences and structuring them and speak English confidently with the correct pronunciation of words. Another salient feature of our online classes is the vocabulary sessions, which concentrates on building the lexical aptitude in learners so that they are never short of words. LIVE TRAINER SUPPORT Real-time online spoken English classes on a daily basis! Talk to our experts to find answers to all your queries. Interactive whiteboard and group audio discussions within a click!! SPEAKING PRACTICE Ocean English Academy tutorials allow you to use a headset with a microphone so that you can start speaking in English from the first day itself!! LISTENING EXERCISES Interesting topics from the list to choose from, just play its audio to help building active listening skills followed by random questions and quizzes. ONLINE GRAMMAR TUTORIALS More than 40+ hours of essential sessions based on almost all crucial grammatical topics inculcated in daily life scenarios in interactive learning format. VOCABULARY BUILDING SESSIONS Words aren’t the limit! We will provide you with a plethora of words so that you are never stuck anywhere while communicating in English. Our vocabulary building session will enable you to use the right word at the right situation. ONLINE QUIZZES AND ASSESSMENTS With time checker based quizzes and assessments, we will ensure fast-paced learning and will look forward to making you efficient and effective in communicating in English in no time. The above-mentioned features are just a glimpse of what we intend to offer. We can assure you that our unmatched curriculum will make you an outstanding figure among all and even you would be surprised to see a drastic change in yourself. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JUST CALL US TO KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR ONLINE CLASSES!! Know more about us at www.bestenglishacademy.com #publicspeaking #confidencebuilding #speakenglish

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